Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lessons Learned Over Thanksgiving

A number of lessons were learned..some good some bad.

1.  My newly turned 5 year old is smarter than her parents.  Bought her the Elf on the Shelf and she explained to us it was fake and the we would need to get up at night to move it...But that since we got up so early for work she could move it for us.

2.  Whenever your wife goes into the dressing room to try things on and two hot/sleazy 20 somethings also start trying things on at the same time..nothing good can happen.  No matter how good your wife looks in whatever she is trying on she is going to say it looks hideous.  Best to just run and hide instead of hanging around holding the purse.

3.  I am old...I played Halo on our newly bought Xbox and became nauseous within 20 minutes..and ended up quitting after 25 minutes...

4. I am old...I played doubles volleyball for the first time in three years and was horrendous..out of breath and hurt my knee.   I hate the Xbox.  And our living room is too small for a volleyball court.

5. I should not have bought an Xbox for my 5 year old.  My ego is going to take a beating.

6. I am having real issues again with food.  I need to just shut it off.  I like fast food and eating out..yes I am probably addicted to the salt.  I know that most nutritionists etc..say don't count your calories but I need least to get me jump started again.  Jen has me logging on Spark People to keep track of everything I eat.  So far I do not like what I am seeing.

7. Food that you eat while preparing your meals counts towards your calorie intake..who knew? I figured that when I was shredding cheese for tacos that the block of cheese I ate while shredding did not count.

8. This time of year I enjoy shopping and buying triathlon gear more than I enjoy using it. Of course my wife did buy quite a bit of triathlon stuff for herself this year which is a change... But yet she does not understand the concept of your helmet having to match your jersey having to match your bike...

9.  It is best not to take your new camera out and go through all of the functions and play with it in your car in front of your kids school after you have dropped them off. 

10.  That anyone can get snippy during the xmas season...had a Costco sample person actually say.."free samples...for those who have not had 3 pieces already".  I took another two pieces of sausage anyway..

11.  There were some serious historical inaccuracies in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. 

12.  Red Box movies cost about the same as regular movies when you forget to return them for a couple of weeks.

13.  I hate Troy Aikman and Kirk Herbstreit equally.  Every time either one opens his mouth I just want to bash the t.v. in....which i should do in the near future since the price on new big screens is so low.

14. Every time a restaurant closes in Golden Colorado two Mexican restaurants open up. (Which ironically will help me stick to my eating plan since I will not eat out as much...if Dorito Taco is not on the menu I am not interested in Mexciacn food)

 15.  Apparently my foot injury is directly connected to the proximity of any upcoming race on my schedule thus explaining the issues I had before Barking Dog..Lookout Mountain and now Chilly Cheeks Duathlon on December 1.  Thus I will not let my foot know when I have scheduled a race from now on.  I am up and running again but the CC Duathlon is least the December one. 


  1. Ha. Damn those snippy Cosco employees. Those are some great lessons learned. I will heed your warning and skip buying an XBOX - still considering the Elf...

  2. Training is indeed effective to any athlete.

  3. Lila and elf had me rolling! She is just incredible.
    Entertaining as always!!!!!

  4. so do i have to move there to monitor you directly??

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