Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 1

Ok..made it through the first day.

Completed workouts as scheduled.  30 minute slow run on the treadmill to test the foot out. Went well and I think I can actually start running again.  Actually did some walk/run to make sure nothing was tweaked. 30 minutes of strength training also done and in the books.

mud room which will be the treadmill/spinning center for the next few months.

Nutrition wise..did well for the most part.  Eggs, spinach and Canadian bacon.  Lunch was roast beef/ham/cheese with spinach on whole wheat and cottage cheese. Dinner was grilled chicken on a pita with a piece of cheese and spinach.  I did fall off the wagon by sneaking some of the kid's mac'n'cheese at dinner. Also had about 10 baked chips with salsa.  Obviously the last two were not clean eating.  But I will take this for a first day.  It actually helped knowing I was going to publicly log all of this.  I was amazed that I was able to keep away from all of the kit kats and peanut butter cups that are floating around the house.

Wt. this morning 225.  I also put a link to my new log on the left side of this blog..just in case you want all of the actual numbers etc.  Just click on the graph and it will take you to the log.

Tomorrow - Easy Bike Ride  1.5 to 3 hours
Monday - weights and cardio
Tuesday - swimming and spinning.


  1. What exactly is "clean eating" anyway? I get that Nacho Cheese Doritos aren't clean but salsa sounds pretty clean. As do baked chips if they are just ground corn meal. Is cheese clean? I'm so confused. Jen's breakfast the other day LITERALLY looked like bird food. But still, is vanilla protein powder clean?

    Oh yeah, good job Scott!

  2. what schedule are you following because the one I have is different!! anyway...

    not sure what kind of baked chips you had but the salsa is good.
    happy to see you on this challenge!!