Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Found my shoe!

Days 10 and 11.

Monday - Day 10 of this 30 day excersize in futility. 

Nutrition: Smoothie in the morning, greek yogurt for snack, roast beef and cheese sandwich for lunch (with veggies), sub sandwich for dinner with veggies and no mayo. baked chips and hummus for snack during game.  I am eating better overall but definitely too much. I think I am also eating calories that just don't register. A handful of cereal when I make it for my daughter in the morning. or a bite of her sandwich.. I have also been drinking a ton of milk lately..walking by the fridge grabbing the gallon jug and drinking..Probably should be counting those calories since we are going through a gallon every two days.  The milk must be taking the place of the soda I am not drinking.  I am drinking more water though.   I think I may have to actually count calories just to get a handle on how much I am eating.

Training: Ran today without any problems..except that pesky feeling of being obese and out of shape.  Other than that..zero problems. Foot actually felt great.

The Good..I found my other shoe that has been missing!!

The Bad:  I made one last call to Ballys and yep..they had one red reebok in their lost and fond. So I go to pick it up at lunch.  I walk in and there is an attractive trainer behind the desk who is actually in her late 30s..early 40s.  I'm wearing a dress shirt and tie..have my head shaved and my contacts in..so I am feeling pretty fly for a pasty white guy.. I go up and tell her I called earlier and wanted to pick up my shoe.  She looks at me and smiles."yeah..I'm sexy and I know it"..she goes and gets the shoe and gives it to me.  She then says.."I was the one who found it..there was a pair of underwear with it but I didn't pick that up"  I probably turned beet red and all I could do was try to think which underwear I had in my gym bag and just hoped to God it was a clean pair.  I no longer felt fly..and wondered why she had to tell me this...She then said that they were laying in the parking lot.  What the heck..I walked to and from the parking lot at least two if not three times looking for the darn things the night I lost them.  My wife made the comment that I can't see any of the clothes on the floor at home..how the heck did I expect to see any laying on ground.

Tuesday - Day 11.

Nutrition Yogurt for breakfast, roast beef sandwich for lunch, 2 PBJ sandwiches for dinner with milk.  Obviously missing some veggies today.  I really need to get the veggies.  Actually felt more full today then I did on days I ate like a pig.

Training - Swam today at lunch.  I finally used the new Special Ops goggles at the pool.  The verdict?  These things rock.  They are polarized and made for outdoors but were fine vision wise inside.  They also fit perfect. I was concerned when I tried them on at the store since they fit kind of inside my eye sockets. I also have freakishly long eyelashes for a guy (girls used to want to put mascara on me in high school) and was afraid they would be bothered by the lenses..but no problem at all.  Definitely keepers.  And for those of you that are fashion conscious they come in a ton of colors. If you are interested you can order a pair from Kompetitive Edge online.  The one weird thing though.  Without my contacts I am blind. However with goggles on underwater my vision is almost perfect...With the Special Ops my vision was better than without contacts..but definitely not perfect..I wonder if it had anything to do with the polarization.  This does not affect me since when I swim outdoors I always have contacts in anyway.

One serious note.  Please be a defensive driver whether it be in your automobile or on your bike.  My brother and sister in law were driving back home after watching the Badgers kick the crap out of the Hoosiers at a local establishment in their town when they were hit by a car driven by a teenage girl.  The witnesses said that the girl had the music cranked up and was "rocking out" at the light right before she ran the next light.  Everyone was fine after the accident..but it does show how quickly something can happen..even when you are in the right.

Take care everyone and remember to keep track of your shoes..and underwear.


  1. ditch the milk. COMPLETELY. please.
    and the PBJ sammies are reserved for long rides.
    end of story.

    Happy the run was good and the shoe was found.

  2. OMG - "I also found a pair of underwear but I didn't pick those up…" "except that pesky feeling of being obese and out of shape…." "My wife says I can't see clothing on the floor." Your story telling and blog cracks me up.

    Nice running and I'm glad they found your shoe!

  3. That is so funny...thanks for brightening up my morning. I don't know what your coach would say ;) , but I think you should rule out all sandwiches for a while and see how you feel...

  4. Hee hee hee hee.

    Also, glad your brother and sister in law are okay.

  5. What is it?
    You all drive the same car in your family?
    I saw this pic and thought it was yours...then I read your blog.
    I think I saw your undies hanging off some cars antenna