Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 2 in the books

Second day and although not easy it was not that difficult to make the right decisions.  Weekends are where I can get the workouts in but usually go way off nutrition..while weekdays I have problems getting the workouts in but in theory nutrition should be good.

Nutrition today. Bfst: eggs, peppers, ham, cheese.  Now I usually like cheese in my scrambled eggs..however to get any taste I drop in about a half cup of cheddar.  Thus a ton of calories.  Just started using Laughing Cow low fat creamy swiss. Only 35 calories per wedge.  Also, I can use one small prepackaged wedge and it adds enough taste for 3 eggs.  woo hoo.  Win.
Dinner was a salad and lightly breaded tilapia.  Usually Sunday nights are cream cheese pepperoni pizza with cheese bread and possibly  Actually had a greek yogurt as a snack.  And still was able to stay away from the Halloween candy..which is leaving the house tomorrow.

Workout..A little over 90 minutes on the bike. Rode with my wife down clear creek trail.  Two things I learned on this ride. One,  I have lost my bike fitness (which shouldn't be a surprise since I have hardly been on it since the end of August.) and two, my wife is going to kick my butt in the duathlon we have coming up in December.

Beautiful weather for a November ride
And Angela...Great question..what does eating clean mean? I think it depends on who you ask and what they are following.  Obviously a vegan and someone following the Paleo diet are going to have different definitions.  The way I define eating clean is following whatever diet/nutrition plan that you have embarked on.  Thus, eating clean for me would mean making choices where Jen does not smack me upside the head.  Eating clean for the people I work with would mean trying not to get their food down the front of their shirts...which we all know isn't ever going to happen.

I think I have a lot of leeway on my nutrition plan. Just make better choices at this point.  The two corn dogs I had for breakfast a couple of weekends ago was labeled a bad choice by Jen. Thus that will not happen again.  I am also trying to stay clear of white flours and carbs as well as anything deep fried.  And no diet soda...which I can say I have been free from for 2 days.

OH and congratulations Angela on your  triathlon finish!! Can't wait to race with you next year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


  1. Good job staying on track this weekend!

  2. Love the way you explain eating clean.
    Well done today Scott. I know it's not easy to pick the better choice when pizza is so dang yummy.

  3. I think today I understand what "bike fitness" means because by the way my legs feel I can tell that I DON'T HAVE ANY! Perhaps starting training the day before the race isn't the best idea. Good thing I have these blogs to help set me straight!

    1. Just read my blog and do exactly the opposite of what is in it and you will do awesome.

  4. I can't believe you're eating talapia!
    Has hell frozen over?
    And I do agree with you...Kristine is going to Kick you Butt at Chilly Cheeks! She is kicking some serious a$$