Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 3..whoops.

Ok Day 3 started out well. Actually had a good breakfast. Made a smoothie with spinach, protein powder, cherries, raspberries, blueberries and skim milk that actually tasted pretty good and kept me pretty satisfied for the morning.

Pre-blended. Actually tasted pretty darn good.

Morning snack was a greek yogurt and fruit. Lunch was a roast beef and cheese sandwich on whole wheat..(I did miss an opportunity here to add veggies to the sandwich)  Dinner was chicken breast and salad with peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.

If that was all I ate it would have been a good day.  Unfortunately a woman walks into our office this afternoon from the Texas Roadhouse carrying warm dinner rolls and cinnamon butter.  You have to be kidding me..I did not go out to eat for lunch so people are now bringing the food to me.  Not only that but she hands me coupons for free lunch and free appetizers.  Is this some kind of sick cosmic joke?  Did Jen hire this woman to tempt me? The Texas roadhouse is near our office and we have always wanted to try it..but it was never open for lunch.  Guess Monday they are open for lunch.  Ok..I had one dinner roll with the cinnamon butter..and it was divine...the only thing that kept me from having 3 or 4 more is knowing I would need to write it on this blog... I also gave my free coupons away.

I did get home and had a fun size kit kat..(That darn candy is still in the house) and had half a pita and hummus in front of the football game.  Thus there were a few setbacks today.  However I was able to limit the "bad" which I usually do not do.  So I would give myself a "C" for today as far as nutrition.

However..I have now gone 3 days without soda and without eating out.  Those are huge for me.

I also got my short workout in today. 30 minute swim at the pool. I tried my new TYR Nest Pro goggles and they worked like crap. Unless they are supposed to let water in..then they worked awesome. I knew I was in trouble when the straps barely fit around my head.  I got back to the office to check on the model..and after I found them I read the description..."Inspired by that unique bird nest architectural design of Beijing's main stadium for 2008."  I ain't no engineer.. so I have to ask.... why are my swim goggles designed after Red China's greatest propaganda spectacle of the last 50 years?  Is that why they were poorly constructed?  Needless to say I will be heading to the store to buy another pair of goggles.. It was nice to get back to the swim locker room again though...there is just something about the smell of ben gay and talking to the nude 90 year old guy with one leg up on the bench  that really makes you feel alive. 


  1. Good job Scott. You gave in a little bit-the roll, the fun size candy-but you STOPPED and kept the rest of the day on a healthy track. That is progress. Don't expect perfection because it won't happen.

    I hate my Nest goggles too. Tell Jared Im trading mine for Special Ops ;) the reason they don't fit around your head it your brain is just too big because your brilliant.

    the last line of your blog proves it.

  2. Congrats on not giving in to the evil temptations!
    This is incredible!!!!!!!
    And I know how much you like that locker room....