Sunday, November 11, 2012

Days win lose some(but not enough).

Days 6-9

Day 6
Hmm. Thursday..Stayed the course nutrition wise and had 45 minutes on the elliptical. Went to the rec center at lunch.  Felt like an adult when I brought my own  bar soap in a plastic container from home instead using the gym "foam". Didn't feel so adult like when I dropped the container and the top piece slid 3 stalls over to where the only other guy in the locker room was taking a shower.  Now this a a predicament...To avoid a Larry Craig incident I decided to forgo the cover.  Now I have to buy a new  bar of soap and container.  The guy actually came out of the stall later with the cover and asked me if it was no.  WTH I was the only other guy in there..freaking poltergeists.

And one note on the was less than spectacular.  Instead of saving my knees I almost blew one out by thinking I could reverse direction on it after I had gotten some good forward momentum going.  I guess I should get on one of these more than once a year.  I also found out later in the afternoon that my calves did not like the machine at all.

One good note. Had my daughter's first parent/teacher conference. Started by the teacher saying..Yeah there is really nothing to behavior learning social issues.  Obviously my daughter has really learned how to manipulate people..good for her!  Just the night before she was singing in the shower..."I'm running through the sand..I know I'm in Iran..we're going to kill whose in command..we will.. we will.. rock you.."

Day 7
Friday- Nutrition was good.  Smoothie for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch and tilapia for dinner.  Also put together a dresser from IKEA..Thus I worked on my mental toughness.

Workout at lunch..lifting and some cardio on the stationary bike.  Was supposed to run but the calves

Day 8

Saturday - We will call this our FREE day.  Ugh.  Company meeting in the morning..snowing...stress...Breakfast was donuts and juice....mcdonald's for lunch..yeah mcdonald's..2 plain cheese burgers and a filet o' fish..and fries. You want to see what kind of damage one hideous mistake can do to your diet check out the nutrition content of what I ate. My mcdonald's meal   What is truly amazing is the calories and fat content yet almost no Vitamin A or C. The only saving grace is that I did not order the large coke like I would normally do and I took the tartar sauce off.  That was pretty much my nutrition for the day..except for the Godzilla and Purple Haze I had that evening at the bar. To say Saturday was a disaster was an understatement.  However it just reinforced that I am a stress and boredom eater.

Pretty much the only good thing on Saturday was I fought every urge in my body to stop at Taco Bell and get a couple of Doritos Tacos and a XXL Nacho at 10:00 p.m.  Instead I went home and had some water and went to bed.  There is just something about alcohol that gets you craving for taco bell "food"

Day 9
Sunday - Veteran's day and Football day.

PBJ for lunch and eggs with veggies for dinner.  I did have a couple of slices of bacon and an english muffin but I think I was ok calorie wise.  I also did munch on pretzels during the game and some peanut butter.  Luckily the pretzel bag was almost empty. when I began.  I did miss breakfast which is not good.

Workout - Bike heart rate test on the trainer. I hate the trainer.  Things go numb. Important things.  OK they used to be important back in the day.  I was supposed to go all out for 8 miles.  Warmed up for 2 miles and then did the test.  I was probably too conservative on the test since my legs were hurting and I did not want to fall apart completely before the end.  For some reason I also find it very hard to get my heart rate up on a bike unless I am climbing or on the mountain bike. Thus I started at a very high cadence of 95 to 105 rpm..but couldn't get the hr up. When I mashed the gears towards the end the HR sky rocketed.

The wind tunnel

Here are my bike test results..Waiting for coach to tell me what it means.

I did step on the Scale today and it did register 222 which is 3 pounds down in 9 days.  If I would just stick to the nutrition plan I think it would be down a few more pounds. 

Still have not found the shoe.


  1. SO.Many.THINGS.TO.say/

    good: no taco bell, <3lbs
    not good: mcd's? really??? mcd's??

    December is almost here. Just a friendly reminder.

  2. Replies
    1. I know Kelly..I am trying. The smoothies for breakfast I am putting spinach in and that is working out well. I am trying my best to like eggs with peppers and tomatoes instead of bacon and cheese. Also eating veggies on sandwiches or salads when possible.. But there are whole days I go and think I ate pretty good and realize the only vegetable I ate was tomato sauce..

  3. McD's...somethings are hard to quit.....
    Way to stick to it and thanks for the entertainment!

    1. Do I know you? I think I vaguely remember someone I used to hang out with named Doreen..

  4. I love it and wtg with the 3 lbs… hey we could all be down more if we could just get the food together. I might recommend that you try eating a whole maine lobster with your bare hands. It takes a lot of work and you'll either burn a ton of calories getting to the meat or give up. Unless you have Mark there, which is cheating.

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