Sunday, June 30, 2013

No..we don't need to see that.

As I promised in my last post, if I couldn't put my shirt on Friday I would give you a review of the medical services in Golden Colorado.  Right on cue I tried to get ready for work Friday morning and my left arm would not go more than 90 degrees without becoming extremely painful at the top of the shoulder.  It was painful to I used my other arm to try and lift it over my head and I almost cried it hurt so bad.  Just to make sure that the pain was bad..I did it again.  Amazingly enough..the same thing happened.  I decided not to do it a third time.  Thus, I decided to go see my doctor.  Luckily the Doctor's office I go to is just a mere 2 miles from my house. So I struggled into a t-shirt...drove my daughter to summer camp..stopped and picked up donuts and went to the doctor. I have seen my doctor so many times the last three months and bugged the entire staff that I now believe it necessary to bring treats when I enter the building. Last time it was bagels..this time donuts.  I pulled into the parking lot and noticed one of the spaces had a sign on it..reserved for me.  That can't be good.

I walked inside and of course everyone at the desk knew me..(I don't call for appointments anymore..just walk in with the goodies..pass them over the counter and ..voila..miraculous opening).  After allowing the staff a few minutes to play..let's guess what is wrong with Scott..I informed them of my biking injury.  I couldn't get into see my regular doctor ( Dr. Gale) until the afternoon ...and since I always need immediate attention..they set me up with another one of the docs (All three of the docs in the building know me..obviously).  The doctor I saw is a young woman (Dr. Vonn)  and I am not as familiar with her staff as my regular doctor.  Thus I got to meet her nurse and PA.  Turns out her PA works the medical tent in Kona every year..thus we discussed the medical tent and dehydration and everything tri related. She then asked me how I fell off my bike and where it hurt.  I corrected her and told her I did not "fall" off my bike...but instead was flung over the handlebars at high speed.  In my mind this was a very important distinction.  I asked her if she needed me to take off my shirt so she could see my shoulder and she responded

The doc came in..I then retold my story of the bike crash..this time I was going faster and flew farther.  She looked at me and then felt the protrusion on my shoulder over my shirt.  She stated that with my description of the pain and the way the AC joint was protruding it seemed like a separation.  I then informed her that she was feeling the bump on my good shoulder. Apparently not everyone has noticeable protruding bumps on their shoulders..I am just special.  She was actually slightly relieved when she felt the other bump and suggested an xray.  I asked her if she needed me to take my shirt off so she could see my shoulder and she don't need to see that.  What the heck did that mean..we don't need to see "that"? Shouldn't she have said "it " or "your shoulder"?  Not.."that" She did promise me that I could take my shirt off for the xrays.

So I went across the hall three feet to Xray where my favorite nurse was...Tara.  She said she had missed seeing me the last couple of weeks along with the bagels I brought.  I started to take my shirt off for the xrays..and she stopped me..that won't be necessary..just keep your shirt on.  Now I knew there was some sort of conspiracy...She took the xrays and showed them to me right away.  Usually I just self diagnose and the doctor is just called in for a second opinion.  Tara and I decided there was no fracture and that the ligaments looked good.  Dr. Vonn joined me in my room a few minutes later and confirmed my diagnosis.  Grade 1 shoulder separation of the AC joint. (This is sometimes referred to as a sprain..but separation sounds cooler)  The shoulder was going to hurt for a while but no surgery.

I was told I could ride my bike..preferably my road bike as long as I didn't fall off.  The tri bike would be a problem because of the aero bars..and swimming was out for a couple of weeks.  Running was ok if it did not hurt too much.  As far as a review of my doctors and staff..I couldn't ask for better.  They are knowledgeable, considerate, kind, have a great sense of humor, bend over backwards to accommodate me...and best of all don't lock the door when they see my car pull up.

I went home to change for work.  I ran inside and it took me 5 minutes to take my shirt off. I was standing in front of the mirror since I somehow thought watching myself would lessen the pain in the arm.  Boy was I wrong. I finally got the shirt off..was staring into the full length mirror and thought to myself.  Wow..No one needs to see "That".

Strange..I have actually been training pretty good the last two weeks..even my ill fated mountain bike ride was easier and faster than it had been 10 weeks earlier.  And my resting heart rate was down about 10 beats from two weeks ago. I decided to jump on the scale.

Holy Crap!..I did not need to see "That".  "That" is the heaviest I have been in 5 years.and about 6 pounds heavier than I was just ten days ago .How could this have happened?..I'm actually training.  Oh  Since actually moving my butt I have felt hungry..and I have also allowed myself..real sodas..because I'm obviously burning more calories and it is hot..and there is nothing better than a cold coke on a hot day.  And then there is the Sonic "Happy Hour" 50 cent corn dogs and 1/2 price grape slushes. Apparently a Route 44 grape slush is 600 calories and 2 corn dogs..420 calories.  I obviously should have been running another 15 miles per day. I really have no excuse..I should have known that my diet was getting out of hand when Sonic reserved a stall for me.  The fact that I no longer tuck my shirt in and was wondering if I could get away with sweat pants for casual Fridays should have also been an indicator.

To add insult to injury one of my relatives sent me this recipe..

  Preheat oven to 350; smoosh refrigerated cookie dough into the bottom of each well. Place Reese cup upside down on top of cookie dough (or an Oreo!). Top with prepared box brownie mix, filling 3/4 full. Bake for 18 minutes! HEAVEN!

Oh yes..Heaven..or it will get you there faster.  I shared this on my facebook page and an interesting dichotomy appeared..My triathlon friends were pretty much mortified..My non triathlon friends were intrigued and a lot of them had tried this or something similar..especially the Wisconsin ones.  Honestly, yes..this looks damn good and I would try the same time I know that I could not have just one and that it is pure garbage for your body.

My goal is to be able to eat "clean" 90% of the time but never to become a food nazi and look down on these types of recipes. Moderation would be the word.  Like I said. My issue right now is I am not eating clean at all and portion control is out the window.  My goal is that my next post will have a nutritional recipe that even my non-athlete friends will like..and to report back that the scale just needed a new battery and the reading was a glitch.

Oh..and a shout out to my friend Jen from New Jersey..She has signed up for her first triathlon on July 21, 2013.  I hope everyone gives her some encouragement and follows her on her blog..From Fat To Finish Line

Happy Trails Everyone..and try not to fall off your bikes!..especially you Jen.


  1. rest up and hopefully that shoulder starts to feel better so you can get back to training :) Soda is my downfall does taste so good after a long run

    1. Shoulder actually feels pretty good..only thing I can't do is swim..and make hard turns in the

  2. Sorry to hear about your shoulder but so glad it wasn't a break or that you would need surgery.

    One of my favorite quotes right now is "you can't out work a bad diet" I feel your pain!

    After my accident I spent the next two days eating whatever and then felt worse..sigh, but it doesn't take too long to get back to a clean diet full of yummy fruits and veggies. Best part about our local farmers market!

    Rest up and hope you are back to training in no time!

    1. I like that saying.. I may actually print it out and stick it to the fridge.

  3. I am no food nazi, but I do believe in the 90% approach and that our choice of "extras" needs to be treated with respect. :) Especially those heavenly thingys.

  4. Sorry about your shoulder. :-(

  5. Sorry about the injury and that I'm just catching up now and thanks for the shout out!!