Monday, June 3, 2013

MIA...but others picking up the slack.

Well. I have been missing in action for about six weeks now. I don't want to go into detail but suffice it to say the last six weeks have been terrible both physically and mentally and that I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Hopefully I will be coming out the other side soon and be able to salvage a season.

Luckily other members of my family have stepped up in the athletic department.  At the beginning of May the family went to Minnesota to visit my Brother and sister-in-law.  On our first night we were treated to some Wisconsin Softball in the the Twin Cities. The Wisconsin Alumni team taking on a team of players from Green the University of Minnesota fields.  Go Bucky.
My bro with the proper follow through

Aunty Adrianne with the slap single

The importance of proper hydration for coaching

I really miss softball..especially when my brothers and brother in law and I used to play on the same teams.

One of the reasons we were in Minnesota was to run the Maple Grove half marathon. I was already out of training for two weeks and thus did not have the conditioning..much less the energy to compete.  My wife had also signed up but her knee had been giving her troubles since she had knee surgery in December and had just had the knee drained and a cortisone shot. Thus I did not think anyone was going to do the run.  Especially since the temperatures race morning were in the low 40s with 20 to 30 mph gusts.   However,  my brother and his wife got up and set up their sponsor booth before dawn...(The weather actually turned out great for them since they own a coffee shop and the cold and wind made everyone drink coffee..even those that did not like it).  My wife followed determined to run her first half marathon and my sister Becky also braved the cold to do her very first 5k.

Braving the cold with coffee and muffins
Getting ready before the race

No where near as warm as it looks

Kristine ended up finishing the race in under 2:50.  Her goal was 2:45 but given the conditions and her knee she did an awesome job.  My sister also finished her first 5k and since then has done another.

Becky finishing her race

Happy but tired

Sponsor's Plug!



Fun was had by all..even though it was COLD!!!   We finished our trip by hanging out at the Daily Dose coffee shop and picking up a Twins game.  Luckily we were back in the midwest with plenty of real baseball food.

Hanging at the Daily Dose

Yes! Cheese Curds at the game

Cold at the game too!
Yes..real baseball food (plenty of brats..polish and italian also)

When we got back to Colorado we had another athletic first. My daughter signed up for her first triathlon.  Luckily the weather was a lot warmer than in Minnesota. In fact it was a little too hot for this guy.

Before the Race
Coming out of transition
The Swim..


My daughter did awesome and more importantly really enjoyed herself
. She is already signed up for another race at the end of the season and is looking forward to swim lessons. Hopefully I will be joining in with the training shortly.   I hope everyone is having a good start to their race season.  And remember to enjoy every day to its fullest.  




  1. Glad your coming around. Congrats to Kristine and Laila on their races :)

  2. So exciting to see your family become as active as you Scott! Sorry to hear you have been having a rough go. Will be praying for you and your family from 'not-raining-today' Washington!