Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crash test reviews.

The things I do for this blog and my readers.  For the benefit of everyone tonight I decided to crash test my new Scott Scale to see how it handled.  I decided to crash the new bike at Bear Creek Lake Park.  I got a good head of steam going on some flat single track (although I almost unintentionally crashed it numerous times on the freaking sand on the trails) and decided that going off the single track into a grass covered 8 inch deep rut  would provide a great tool in which to catapult my fat butt from the bike.

Out for a leisurely ride in 95degree tenmps

The rut worked excellent.  Not only did the grass covering it allow me to be completely surprised..but the depth and narrowness stopped the bike in its tracks.  The first thing I noticed while I was laying on the ground (after noticing I was laying on the ground) was how effortlessly my shoes became unclipped allowing me to land a good 5 feet in front of the bike.

I am riding with new Shimano XT spd pedals which I have not really tested.  I rode spd pedals about 15 years ago but hated the release point.  I was pleasantly surprised that while laying on the ground I did not have a bike still attached to one of my feet.

Xts with platform. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like these.

I must say that I have been extremely impressed with the new pedals. There is a reasonable degree of float and getting into them is effortless. And now I know they also let go in crash situations.

The next thing I noticed is that even though my helmet impacted the ground it was still intact on my head.  I have a new Louis Garneau helmet and I love the easy adjusting knob on the back.  I had actually thought the chin strap was on a bit too tight before the ride but was too lazy to try and figure out how to loosen it.  I think this my have been a blessing since when I did finally stand up after about 5 minutes on the ground I noticed that the back adjusting knob was completely loose and the helmet was loose on my head.  Obviously the helmet did the job by absorbing the impact but I am concerned that the impact completely loosened the helmet up. (And no did not knock any sense into me)  The chin strap did keep it on my head though. 

As I lay on the ground I noticed that my hands were intact.  The reason being is that I was wearing my full fingered gloves (yes the ones I still have not washed) I almost did not wear them because it was so hot  today.  However, I have found that they really are not any warmer than regular cycling gloves and they have protected my hands on numerous falls.  In fact I no longer wear fingerless gloves and would recommend to everyone to invest in a nice pair of full gloves.  I wear them whether I am on my road bike or mountain bike. For some reason I usually don't wear any gloves on my tri bike.. I don't know why.

Invest in full fingered gloves if you haven't already.

I was also pleasantly surprised that my new sunglasses were still attached to my head. I recently got a pair of Oakley Racing Jackets from Kompetitive Edge . I was never a guy to buy in to high end sunglasses..but I really do love these. They completely cover my eyes while riding and are plenty dark. These also have the interchangeable lenses.  Plus I just look really cool in them.  Obviously I will be taking better care of them then the ones that found their home in the bottom of the outhouse. 

They look cool even not on

But obviously look much cooler on..or maybe I just add to the coolness factor

I checked my Scott Scale out and it did not seem any worse for the wear. The carbon frame had taken its first hit and seemed fine.  In fact the only item that gets low marks for the crash testing is my shoulder.  I noticed I could not pick it up without a ton of pain.  I was concerned that I was going to have a broken collar bone like all of those tour de france weenies..but apparently my actual muscle mass must have provided some sort to cushioning.  See there is an advantage to not being built like someone who had spent three years at Andersonville.  The pain in the shoulder was right on the top..where a person normally has one bump (bone) that protrudes a between the collar bone and shoulder. Unfortunately I apparently have two bumps there now...or did right after the crash..the pain is still there but the other bump doesn't seem to be.

So in summary.  Out of Five stars the items get the following rating for crash testing.

Pedals 5.0
Sunglasses  5.0
Gloves 5.0
Helmet 4.0 (I did not like the fact that the helmet loosened upon impact)
Bike 4.0 (It would have been a 5.0 but the bike was what crashed in the first place)
Shoulder 2.5 (Not happy with the pain)

I did continue riding and was increasingly impressed by the bike.  I was concerned that the 2x10 Sram gearing would not give me enough granny gears to get up the inclines but it provided plenty of options.  I was also impressed by the way the front tire stayed on the ground during climbs. In the past I have had issues with hardtails and the front pulling up on steeper inclines..something about the physics of a large amount of weight on the rear of a fulcrum and the lighter part coming up...I ain't a physics major..just suffice it to say the weight of my rear causes the front to go up.  With the Scott this did not happen.

In an attempt to be completely thorough I decided to crash the bike at low speed also.  To do this I found a parking lot with an incline, plenty of loose deep gravel, and attempted to make a tight turn doing about half a mile an hour.

What a wuss
I was successful in not getting my cleats out of the pedals and landing on my good shoulder.  Again, the gloves did their job and I had no marks or bruises.  The bike did not seem to be scratched and the helmets and glasses stayed on.  Some of my skin however did not stay on....and it hurt like an SOB..even though the picture does not do the actual wound justice.

So ended my ride.  I also noted when I got home that even though I was gone for about 1:15 of riding and took in about 40 ounces of water I was down 4.5 lbs when I got back. It was incredibly hot. And part of the sweat rate could be attributed to the fact that the air conditioning has gone out on my truck and I refuse to have it fixed. I kind of enjoy the whole sweat box aura the truck has going on. Although the stench that seems to be building is making my daughter more and more reluctant to get in the truck int he morning to go to school.  The money I would have to spend on the ac can be used for better band aids and shoulder slings.  After all its just a dry heat.

If there are any items you would like me to crash test in the future please let me know. Tomorrow I am thinking about reviewing the urgent care, mri and xray facilities in Golden if I am unable to put my shirt on.

Also remember that if you order from Kompetitive Edge online you can use the code havn2013 to get 15% off.  You can use the code in store also or just mention me..although mentioning me may actually get 15% added on.  

Take care everyone and Happy Trails. 

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  1. You are so thoughtful to test crash so we can know how things will react if we ever have a "real crash"

    Glad you are okay - for the most part -

    Enjoy the riding!