Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toilets and Training

It's been two weeks since my last post..what kind of trouble could I have gotten into?  For starters the inlaws came into town on Thursday.  They are the type that enjoy doing projects etc. around our house.  I thus decided to get a step a head of them and redo my office/spare bedroom/ doll house room.  I went to Walmart and purchased a dazzling yellow for the room.  I started painting and got through a can of paint in nothing flat..I then laid the drop cloth down in the next area picked up the new can of paint and began shaking it...which of course slipped out of my hands..flew across the room and opened up all over the carpet. ( I told my wife I accidentally kicked it over and that the guy at Walmart must not have put the cover on)

Being the intelligent guy I am I then decided it is better to not waste the paint and thus use the roller to pick up the paint and put it on the wall.

This actually works pretty well.  Then my daughter walks in the room as I am rolling the paint off the carpet..looks at me..and says, "Dad, if you are going to paint the carpet you should use a different color than on the walls."

Suprisingly enough I was able to get the vast majority of the paint off of the carpet. I got a watering can..put hot water in it..poured it on the carpet and then used the wet vac to suck it up.  Unfortuantely my wife came home and saw me going from the bathroom to the office with the watering can and repeat the process. She didn't say anything but there was definitely a look.  The room does look awesome ow..and my desk has found a new spot.

Triathlon News. I got a text from my training partner at 6 a.m. the other day to tell me that my picture was being used in an ad for a triathlon.  What the hell?  I got my Racing Underground event guide and boom..there I am.. Obviously, the race is using my picture to show that anyone can do a triathlon.  You can see I am representing for abekat anarchy.

Have to admit..I'm damn good looking though.I also promised Doreen I wouldn't tell anyone where she was when she saw the I won't..but I thought only guys did their reading there.

As far as training it has been getting more consistent. I haven't gone on a ride longer than 2 hours yet this when Doreen said ..hey lets do 3.5 hours and climbing..I thought.."get bent"..then my sadistic coach challenged me and therefore I set off this morning with my bike and a smile on my face.

Cool glasses..Badger Red..not Texas Orange..Just saying.  So I meet Doreen in Morrison and we begin our ride.  Ok it isn't a big smile..and the smile that is there isn't because I'm going riding..

Doreen went ahead of me on lookout..since the laws of physics would dictate that 100 lbs moves faster up a slope than 200 lbs.  As I got to the pulloff parking lot I noticed my heart rate had been averaging 160 bpm.  wth?  I didn't even have bacon covered cheese this morning.  I contemplated turning around and just coasting all the way home when Doreen came back down to make sure I finished the climb...Thanks hon. 
We did the rest of the climb and I was finally able to use my mass to my advantage getting up to 45 mph coming down the backside of Lookout. 

We finished our ride by doing a lap at Bear Creek Lake Park. Where a miracle happened. I actually had to use the restroom.  As anyone familair with my blog knows..I do not keep hydrated.Usually on a 3 hour ride I do not urinate and usually lose about 7 pounds no matter how much I drink.  So I was stoked.I went into the outhouse..looked down and yep..I was hydrated..YEAH!! and then I saw the sunglasses I had put on top of my helmet drop into the disgusting mess I hydrated them.  It was a bittersweet moment to say the least.  I thought about trying to get them out for about two seconds and decided to let them rest where they lay.
Final resting place of my cool red sunglasses

The ride, while not a complete success was good on a couple of levels.. I got in about 3000 feet in climbing..and I actually kept hydrated.  For those who are keeping track I used 48 ounces of OSMO in my bottles and 70 ounces of H2O in my Nathan pack.  It was 55 degrees or so..but of course I was sweating like a pig form the second we started pedaling.

When I got home I went to my "office" .  I decided to catch up with my words with friends games and then text coach about the ride.  My quads were killing me.  And apparently I was on the throne a little too long since when I went to get up my feet had fallen asleep and I actually fell forward hitting my head on the wall in front of me.   And I couldn't get up because my freaking feet were still completely asleep..I hate that feeling.  Yeah..if you play words with friends with me you pretty much know the schedule I am on.

Nutrition went well this week.  Down 6 pounds and getting back into fighting shape.  Of course the frst day the inlaws arrived they brought kringle from Wisconsin, bought donuts, made 2 dozen cookies and I think there is a coffee cake.  We will see how the nutrtion holds for this week.

Take care everyone. 


  1. May the glasses rest in peace. WTG with hydration and nutrition!

  2. You kill me but I just adore you and your injuries, accidents, mishaps and dehyrdated self...

    even though I knew all of this, it was pretty comical to read it in summary.

    Except the paint. I did not know the paint was on the carpet you ninny!! I thought that was on a drop cloth!!! ugh...I am shocked Kristine did not slap you upside the head for that one...

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