Monday, September 3, 2012

The Big Race

All right I promised everyone a run down on the big race which occurred on Saturday.  Just let me start by saying that this is the first Rev 3 race that I have done and they were true professionals.  You felt like a person rather than a number.

The site of the race was Old Orchard Beach.  This is a beautiful public beach with great sand and lots of fun in the water.  And I mentioned public beach since my family drove to Kennebunkport to visit our old friends the Bush's but unfortunately they were not home.  Thus we drove the coastline back to Old Orchard Beach with the intention of trying out one of the other beaches.  Apparently, except for Old Orchard Beach, none of the towns in Maine with beaches want any part of tourists.  There are miles of beach..but unless you have a permit with the city you cannot park within five miles of the beach and your car will be towed..not ticketed if you dare park with the natives.  So I say BOOO!! to Kennebunkport and Biddeford.
(make sure you check out their web page with pictures of all of the beaches they don't want you on).

Swim cap I was going to wear around my homies in Kennebunkport..but never got he chance

On a side note..Biddeford (pronounced Bittefawd) and Old Orchard Beach frown on beach volleyball..all that sand and not a net to be found.  I was informed by the town muckraker Dawn (at 4:30 a.m. on the way to the race Sunday, so I may have gotten some facts wrong) that there had been one challenge net on the beach..but unfortunately her pro volleyball husband and his friends would play on it and obviously beat any tourists who wanted to play.  Thus hogging the net to themselves.  This caused quite the stir which ended in a small uprising.  To this day volleyball has been banned and is punishable by 5 days in stocks in the town center.  Again... BOOO!! Dawn and your husband...ok mostly your husband and his friends.  By the way..apparently Dawn is pronounced "Don" in Maine.  Who knew? 

Back to our story..Thus anyone looking to actually enjoy the beach must go to Old Orchard Beach.  The Beach has a nice pier much like Santa Monica..except it really isn't that nice and Old Orchard is not Santa Monica. Oh..and obviously no volleyball nets.

Now between the beach (the end of the swim) and the transition area is an amusement park...a pretty sketchy amusement park with pretty sketchy people (apparently all of them from Massachusetts).  However, there were fried twinkies being sold by the vendors which makes up for a lot of sins. There were also  railroad tracks running between the beach and transition.  I was informed that the train was the way the Massholes came to Maine to enjoy the beach and/or get drunk. Anyway..the swim ends on the beach near the pier and then we were supposed to run up the beach and then 2-3 blocks up the road and then 2-3 blocks over to get to the transition area and avoid the amusement park and train tracks.

Click on this link  to see exactly what I am talking about.and have so meticulously mapped out. I scoped this route out on Saturday and was pretty annoyed considering I would need to do all of this in bare feet and I seldom shower with bare feet let alone run down some street where we watched two separate sets of people vomit their deep fried twinkies and alcohol up. I hate bare feet.

End of can see pier on left

road we had to run on - pic taken from beach the left turn is way up there
Transition area on Saturday.. you can see the train

What is really annoying is that none of this has anything to do with the race on Saturday.  The race on Saturday was for the kids. They called it the Little Rev Adventure Race.  Thus while everyone was enjoying the expo and putting their bikes in the transition area for the race Sunday morning, the kids and spouses could entertain themselves.

Of course my wife and daughter signed up along with Evil Jen and her daughter. At first they were going to compete..but the two girls then decided they wanted to be a team. 

You can see in this picture Jen's child already trying to get an advantage over everyone else by starting over the line
My child..the law abiding one..showing Jen's daughter where her feet should be. Also note how seriously Kristien and Jen are mapping out their path to victory.

Since both Evil Jen and my wife are introverts I was very concerned that they would not get along ..luckily they seemed to both come out of their shells at the beginning of the race.

And at the end of the race my daughter was in you can clearly see in the below video..but my wife made her wait up for the rest of her teammates..where is that killer instinct her father has?

In the end my daughter..representing abekatANARCHY was part of the winning triumvirate of teams..but yet at the awards ceremony abekatANARCHY was third..somehow Evil Jen was second and the owner of Rev 3's kid was I'm not one to say the fix was in..but...just let the videos speak for themselves.

The kids all had a great time and my daughter did not take her medal off all weekend.  They even had an awards ceremony..

Winning team
Film crew immortalizing aA's victory..yeah..that's how we roll.
abekatANARCHY representing

With the victory I knew there was nothing I could do on Sunday to top the excitement, so we went out for a victory dinner. Burger and sweet potato fries was my pre-race dinner in case anybody cares.  Unless my nutritionist or coach  actually reads this..then I had grilled chicken and a felafel and plenty of water which amazingly enough tasted like diet coke with lime.  (No - seriously I had water- I was just kidding).  I actually got to bed before 10 p.m. Saturday night and even had all of my gear packed for the morning.

Isn't this story just getting downright exciting?


  1. I can tell how often you eat falafel - you spelled it wrong. :-)

    1. Hey - I've eaten it..or at least watched somebody eat it. Falafel..funnel cake...its all the same.

  2. Laila did finish before Lola but because Brooke (the owners daughter) was on our team and she crossed before us that must be why they gave us second instead of Laila :(

    1. Don't worry I have already done a written appeal..also waiting for your kid's test result for performance enhancers to come back.. LOL.

  3. I read this and I second Suzi's comments. :)