Monday, August 13, 2012

Maine 12 days and counting

Well it is just 12 days until the Maine race.  I am diligently trying to get three months of training into this last week.  Due to the whole gout issue, not being able to run and at the urging of my friend Jen, I have officially changed my race into an aquabike...which means I will be swimming and biking but not running.  Obviously Evil Jen had her own interests at heart in recommending that I change races..but who likes to lose on their home court.

I've lost one of my three chins..woo hoo

I'm actually feeling good right now and am at about 217.  Although a long way off from last year, I am still moving in the right direction.  Speaking of direction, I am now working with Dina from fuel4mance to try and get my race day hydration in check as well as keep the gout under control.  I've only been working with her for a couple of days but I think she has some good ideas...and some really crazy ones also.  She thinks that somehow by changing my regular daily food intake it is going to effect my race day performance..the next thing she'll be telling me is to not butter my graham crackers.  When she told me that she lived in Boulder and weighed 115 pounds I thought to myself..yeah we have a lot in common..but I did find out she is originally from the midwest and likes cheese I'll give her a chance.

I have also changed sports drinks again to see if that is going to help me.  I am now using the Skratch Labs mix.  They advertise a taste that is not overpowering.  In all honesty I tried the raspberry and there is too little taste..however I put two scoops in the 24 ounce bottle instead of 1.5 and the taste is about perfect for me.  It also ups the calories as well as sodium per bottle.

My swimming is about where it should be and the biking is coming along.  I actually even want to go out running. golfing is even coming along.  Yes, golfing. I have played twice in the last eight years or so.  This year our firm had a team in a local tournament and I played with my friend Chadd and associate Kelley and her friend.  We not only had a blast on the course but actually won the tournament. 

Thankfully the rest of the team knew how to golf

And I need to give some shout outs..first to an old high school friend in Racine..Greg did his first 70.3 in Racine this year and rocked the course.  Way to go Greg..hopefully you are hooked.  Also to my friend Doug from Marshfield. Doug did the Rev 3 half rev (same as the 70.3) in the Wisconsin Dells this year. Doug killed the swim and did a great job on what I have been told by more than one person was a very hard and hilly course. My friend Susan just finished the Leadville 100 for the second year and what was even more dramatic was that she did it wearing a team kit as opposed to baggy go girl!  Also need to give a shout out to my wife Kristine and her friend Amity who decided to start running, cycling and swimming to get back in shape.  They are doing a heck of a job and are probably faster on the run then I am at this point. Now we just have to convince them to actually sign up for a race.

Lastly I just want everyone to remember that life is short and make sure you make every day count. Tell those around you that you love them and are proud of them.  Read to a child or take them with you mountain biking. Before you speak think about how your words are going to affect the person you are talking to.  Last week marked the sixth anniversary of my brother's death when he was killed by a drunk driver in the middle of the afternoon. We all love you and miss you Mike.

My Brother Mike and his son Finn 2006

Take care everyone....and be careful out there.


  1. Evil Jen says
    just because you are dumbing it down to an aquabike does not mean the race is is still on like donkey kong bro.

    I just have to run and you don't.


  2. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to hear about Maine.

  3. The "daily nutrition" overhaul does wonders for a body! You will see the longer you give it a chance and commit!