Saturday, December 3, 2011

On my Christmas List for this year.

Since it is Christmas time..and my tri bag was stolen with half my equipment...I have been shopping for new gear.  Here is a quick list of what I am asking for in case anyone feels generous or you can use the list for triathletes you are shopping for.  Just click on the item name for a link to a description.

1.  The Nathan Endurance Hydration Pack.
These vests sit a lot higher on my back then the camelbaks do.  I have not actually found the endurance to try on but have found a couple of similar Nathan vests.  I am thinking this may be the answer to my hydration issues since the fuel belt just does not carry enough fluid.  There is even room on the vest for an additional water bottle.  Here is a complete Review.

2.  Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10
I actually just picked this camera up on Amazon for an amazing Black Friday price to replace my Canon that was stolen.  I was looking for a waterproof, shock proof, compact camera and the Sony fits the bill.  Further I only payed $160.00 for it..about 60% of the normal price..and insurance is covering it..So far the camera works great and I will start posting pictures in the near future.  I have not had a chance to check out the waterproof capabilities as of yet.

3. Timex 100 lap watch 
This is the watch that was stolen.  I really like it for swimming and being able to record my splits.  I was looking at upgrading to the Timex 150 lap with tap technology but was disappointed with a lot of reviews that said the watch would randomly record lap splits while swimming.  Obviously the watch would be useless then.

4. Swimp3 Player 
This is awesome...I can listen to my music while I swim. Better yet there are no ear plugs..the unit fits on your goggles and sits on your cheek bones.  Once you are swimming the music sounds great.

5.Garmin 910XT  The item every triathlete wants.  Of course it is supposedly available right now but every place on the planet has them backordered until late January or February.
I loved my Garmin 305 and 310xt (which was also stolen) but this is the creme de la creme...It has all the functionality of the previous garmins and has also made significant upgrades in its ability to record information both during an open water swim and indoors.  The price is hefty at $449 for the unit with a heart rate monitor..but it is only $50 more than the 310xt.  The extra $50.00 is well worth the added functions.  I am guessing the 310 will be dropping in price soon.

6.   Newton Running Shoes
I love my Newtons..however they are very pricey..especially if bought from the Newton Store in Boulder.  However, they did transform me from a heel strike runner into a midfoot runner.  That does not sound like much but before the Newtons I could only run a mile or two without my knees hurting.  Once I changed my form with the assistance of the Newtons I have no knee pain at all and have done 2- 3 hour runs with little or no pain.  I have tried to switch back to other brands with mixed success and am therefore going back to the Newtons for next season.

7.  TYR Transition Bag
This is a great bag for the gym or for race day.  It is a back pack and contains a wet bag inside as well as space on the bottom for your wetsuit..and the price does not break the bank.  I would suggest this bag to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive triathlon bag..about $50.00 online.

8. Scattante multi lens sunglasses

I LOVE these sungalsses..they are a multi-lens system and they fit my fat head.  They are sold by Performance Bike shop either in their stores or online. There is also a woman's model for smaller faces that can be seen on the website. And they are always on sale. Right now they are on sale for 29.99.  I use them for everything..running, cycling..just looking cool.

Those are a few ideas that I have for a triathlete for Christmas.  I am going out soon to try an replace some of the items. Hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season!.


  1. Really great list! I pretty much want everything on it too. Santa baby...

    I just started reading your blog so I haven't read about your tri bag being stolen. OMG, I just cannot fathom that happening, I am SO sorry. Not the kind of thing I expect from the tri scene...

    Take care,

  2. Hey Quincy..thanks for stopping by. Hope to share some training tips for IMMOO!