Thursday, December 8, 2011

We're Smelling Roses.

In other non-triathlon related news..The Big Ten champion University of Wisconsin Badgers will be taking on the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl this year.  As you all know my family and I are huge Badger's fans.  And my brother Ben was able to score us tickets for the game.
Wife smiling after she finds out I am leaving for three days
My wife was especially happy to hear that I would be leaving for a few days. (For some reason my wife is always happy when I leave..she says it's because she misses me so much when I am gone that she loves me that much more when I return.  I don't really buy this..I think it has more to do with the house staying clean).
This will be my second trip to see the Badgers in the Rose Bowl.  My first trip was in 2000 when Ron Dayne ran over the Stanford defense for an ultimate Bucky victory.  For those of you who do not know the long standing traditions of Wisconsin just ask one of the true believers to Teach you how to Bucky.

This game will take on even more my brother Ben..because he is a graduate of UW and worked in the ticket office...and then he went to work for the University of Oregon Athletic Department.  Although no longer there, he still has about a quarter of his closet filled with green and yellow..all of which will still be in his closet as we head to Pasadena.

How does this relate to triathlon?  Well for one I have even more incentive to drop weight so me and the posse can show up the California natives on the beach volleyball courts.  Of course I have no idea where I will be getting a tan beforehand. really does have nothing to do with triathlon..but its all about Bucky.
Best Mascot Ever

 So feel free to join Sconnie Nation and root for the Badgers on January 2nd 2012.

We're Smelling Roses and remember..Quack is Whack!

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