Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Time

Yes it is Thanksgiving time which means I will be packing on a few more pounds.  It is inevitable.  My goal is just to keep the damage to a minimum.  And I must report that my tracking of calories has been horrible.  I plan on curing this becoming very strict with my intake once I am back home in Colorado. Yes I am lucky enough to be back in the midwest.  On Sunday of this week we visited my brother in Minneapolis and went to the Packers/Vikings game with him and his wife..who unfortunately is a Vikings fan.  Sorry about the outcome Adrianne.  After enduring a road trip from Minneapolis where it was 20 degrees and freezing rain we arrived in Racine where it was 63 and tornados.  Unbelievable..but we are now back to the normal weather of 30 degrees grey skies and occasional precipitation.

Thanksgiving is also a time to give thanks which I really should be doing everyday.  I am thankful for my wonderful family.  Not only my wife and daughter but my parents who have taught me that no matter how bad things get you need to move forward with life and to try and do so with a smile and sense of humor and to never give up.  I am also thankful for my siblings, my extended family and my inlaws who are my second family and my friends who are there when I need them.  I am also thankful to be from Wisconsin where I grew up with midwest values that people notice around the country.

As for my training it is going slow. Since my sciatica episode my coach has been having me work out with short and easy runs and bikes and a litte core work. When I mean short I mean short. 20 minute runs and bike rides ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.  I still feel a little pain from time to time in my left ankle and hip, but nothing close to the pain I felt a few weeks ago. I am hoping to ramp the workouts up once I get back to Colorado.  Actually the short workouts are good right now since it is always hard to find time to exercise when I am on vacation.

I want to give a shout out to my friends Leah and Kate who competed in Ironman Arizona on Sunday.  Leah did not quite finish the race but made it through half of the run.  Kate finished in 16:44.  Way to go Kate.  Hopefully I can learn something from their experiences.  My friend Doreen also signed up for Ironman Florida next hopefully she will not mind training with me (i.e. not dropping me on runs and bike rides) as we prepare.  Obviously Ironman Wisconsin is much harder then Flordia or Arizona..but they are all the same

Well my last weigh in was 232..yes I am going the wrong way.  Now back to shopping and looking for great Black Friday deals on tri gear... Xterra Wetsuits are more then 50% off with free shipping and I think I see one in my future.  I am also getting ready to head to Madison on Saturday to hopefully watch the Badgers wrap up the Big Ten title.  Come December 1 there is going to be a lot more training related content on this blog..since I notice by the clock on the wall that we are now down to 290 days till race time.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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