Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December already?

It is December and as I promised in my last post I have packed on a few more pounds.(238 when I got back to Colorado)  I went to the Badger/Northwestern game with my dad and brother and sister in law and celebrated the victory with a huge bowl of mac'n'cheese from the Great Dane. Being that I am in training I did forgo the bacon. The next day we celebrated my daughter's birthday with the families and then headed back to Colorado.

I was able to get a couple of runs in while back in Wisconsin but more importantly I was able to buy Wisconsin sweat pants and sweatshirt to run in while in Colorado..its all about image.  Since getting back to Colorado we participated in the annual Christmas walk in town..with a few of my friends dressing up..

We also finished our volleyball season by winning the City league and Tournament.  My Coach will be glad that the season is over since my knees tend to take a beating hampering my running.  Not to mention the extra calories I eat after the games.

But like I said - the training has now begun in earnest. The goal for December is to do as many of my workouts as possible. The Coach is still keeping the workouts at manageable levels so that I don't run into anymore sciatica issues.  I am training six days a week with a long run of 40 minutes and two shorter runs.  The bikes top out at an hour and thirty for a long ride.  I am not looking forward to the cold weather and the trainer. I hate the is boring and worse yet causes my boys an enormous amount of grief.  I recently changed the seat and it helped a little. I am going to have to keep playing around with the angle of the seat until it is bearable.  I did win one small victory - my wife has allowed me to use the trainer and treadmill in the is much more comfortable then where I had it and the T.V. is easier to see.  If you are bored out of your mind you can see my workouts here training log  The link is also on the side of the blog.

The swimming is coming along slowly and I will need to start working on drills.  The running is slow but so far no back issues. The biking I enjoy so that is not a problem..except for the above mentioned trainer issues.  I am going to sign up for a race in December or January so that I can gauge my fitness and give myself a goal.  I also need to find a hotel in Madison for September..apparently they are booked well in advance. Weight today was 236.2.  Ugh.  running and biking on the agenda for tomorrow.  Take care everyone.

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