Monday, November 1, 2010

End of first week and already behind.

Well the first week of training did not go as planned.  I had promised my coach I would give up volleyball for the year so of course on my first day of training I played volleyball.  The good news is that I actually felt very good with no twinges of knee or back pain.  I did get in my running and biking.  Only 30 minute runs and an hour of biking max.  I also did about 600 yards of swimming just to get back in the pool - piece of cake.  However I also had someone videotape me in the water and was astonished that I could actually stay afloat with how slow I move and the hideous form I have.  Here is the video.  Please note that it is adult content since I slaughtered any semblance of proper technique and I am shirtless.  My coach did give me a couple of different links to videos for technique.  If anyone is interested just leave a comment or email me and I can give you the links.  My coach did review the video and stated that one of the positives is that my hips are near the surface of the water.  I think this has less to do with me actually knowing how to swim and more with the fat in my butt being buoyant.

I am staring week two of training and may have to cut back already. I went to the doctor today and I have sciatica. Pain runs from my butt all the way down my leg to the sole of my foot.  It hurts sitting, walking, standing, lying down..etc.  I was given some steroids and told to take some advil and see how it goes in 3 or 4 days.  If the pain is not gone by then they will want me to go in for xrays and an mri. They offered to give me vicodin for the pain but I declined.  I told the doctor that I probably tweaked something on Saturday building a retaining wall in the front of the house,  However it did not hurt Saturday and I went for an hour bike ride without any pain.  The pain did not show up until Sunday.  So now that I think about it is probably punishment from the heavens.  As anyone knows who has gone out on Halloween weekend the costumes are all now..slutty nurse, slutty cop, slutty box of kleenex (yes I saw this one). Unfortunately I went out on Saturday night and was most intrigued by the slutty nun. I am guessing maybe going to confession could help with the sciatica.  It could also be karma for me being a pain in the ass to everyone else.

Well I am off to watch the rest of the Monday night game. Hopefully I will be close to 100% tomorrow or at least able to sit up for 15 minutes without pain. 

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