Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's get it started

As I mentioned in my last post this is my first officially coached week of training.  I have Coach Suzanne of Steel City Endurance in charge of putting together my plan for the year. Since the Ironman is such a huge undertaking I decided that I needed some guidance.  I looked at getting local coaches in Denver that had been recommended but the price tag of $200 to 275 per month was just too hefty.  Even some of the group coaching in the area seemed very pricey.  I also looked into Endurance Nation which offers online coaching and they have great knowledge of the specific Ironman courses. Further the team members are very supportive of one another and show up at the individual races to support each other.  The price was more in line at $129.00 per month..however the training plans are not edited to the individual.  So I contacted my friend Suzanne who I met a few years ago on the Beginner Triathlete website. By the way, Beginner Triathlete is a great resource for all your triathlon questions.  I highly recommend checking the website out and becoming a member. Further it has an awesome free training log.  Anyway, Suzanne is an emergency room physician and has moved her way into coaching swimming, triathlons and cycling.  She told me she had a couple of Ironman triathletes that she is training and would accept me as a challenge. (More then she can imagine). 
This first week she has me doing very easy workouts just to gauge how actually unfit I am.  Just a few easy runs bikes and swims.  I'll let you know how each of them goes and give you a more detailed description of my Annual Training Plan once we have the details hammered out.

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