Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Party

     My wife through a surprise birthday party for me today. So I told my friends that I would be competing in the 2011 IM  Wisconsin.  I was actually surprised by the positive reaction I received. Although the few friends at the party that are endurance athletes did look at me with the," you have to be kidding me" look in their eyes.  Obviously they know how hard an IM is and the training involved.  They were also probably eyeing the two bratwurst on my plate as and the stack of cheese I was devouring just to make sure my heart isn't working too well.  As I stated in my profile, I am overweight. Luckily for me I carry it very well and just look like a big guy. Not one that is actually obese by the height/weight and BMI standards.  I am roughly 6'1" and about 235 lbs.  In all honesty I will need to be in the 180 range to be able to complete the IM.  I have not seen 210 in probably 7 years, 200 lbs in 12 years and 180 lbs in 18 years. So I have quite the task in front of me.
     A group of us are doing a weight loss "challenge" starting tomorrow. So I will weigh in with my official poundage.  I am actually very knowledgeable when it comes to eating right and losing weight.  However I do not  put what I know in to practice. I eat like a teenager..both in quantity and quality.  That all ends tomorrow.  My weight is one of my biggest limiters in all three disciplines, but especially the run.  I need to focus on getting 15 lbs off fairly quickly so that my knees do not have to put up with the pounding I am putting them through.
     I will post my starting weight here tomorrow and hopefully have a plan of attack put down in writing to follow. 

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