Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where's Zach?

Yes! It's time for another installment of ..only you.  If you are a facebook friend of mine you already know the story but it bears repeating.  A couple of weeks ago I actually went to the gym at lunch.  I knew there were going to be problems since the parking lot was full..which means...kids on break.  I went to the rec center with the lap pool and kids pool but decided to just run laps around the gym and do a pushup.. Which I did exceptionally well.  When I got back to the locker room it was crawling with pint sized vermin and their dads trying to keep track of them.  They of course were all at the rec center to use the urine filled kids pool. (this is just my guess).  I showered quickly..headed back to my locker trying to avoid getting within a foot of any of the pint size strep throat carriers .  I quickly donned my pants and shirt, put on my shoes and socks and then stood up and faced the locker to take my watch out of the top of shelf.  As I was adjusting my watch I felt something brushing against my leg.. I turned my head and didn't see anything.  I then looked down to see this red headed 2 year old standing behind me.  He was wearing a shirt and a smile and nothing else.  He was also peeing on the back of my pants.  I am guessing he was not doing this intentionally since he obviously had no idea how to direct the flow and he had his hands in the air.  He was just kind of letting it go wherever it wanted. It actually took me a few seconds to realize what was happening before I jumped out of the way and he continued peeing on the floor and locker.  I then heard a male voice from the lockers over one area yelling.. Mike..Mike..where's Zach..you are supposed to be watching him.  Yeah.. I know where Zach is.  Needless to say I took my pants and shoes off and wore shorts and running shoes back to the office. Probably should have showered again now that I think about it.

Oh yeah..I also took a picture of the newest sign at the rec center.  Remember the sign in the shower that said they wouldn't be providing soap for safety reason?  I think this one beats it.

So..am I to gather we are not supposed to use deodorant or sweat at the gym?  How PC can this country get?  How about requiring some people to use fragrances since their rancid body odor is capable of knocking a horse down?  Sorry enough of a rant.

So I have actually been training. Last week my daughter and I ran the stairs at red rocks and did some mountain biking which was fun. I was so proud of her.  She crashed her bike and started crying..while she was crying she picked up her bike, checked the tires and then checked the chain to make sure it was still on the bike.

The stair climbing at red rocks was completed with a real live hippie drum circle!. I felt like Eric Cartmen... Dirty hippies

This week I have gotten a couple of runs in and I did a nice 20 mile bike ride on Easter with my friend Doreen and found out that my quads are definitely not fit.  They were screaming at me every time we went up a hill..which was fairly frequently.
Me and Doreen..Yes..I forgot to shave for a couple of days

 Also, to protest all the riders that I run into that don't say on your left or acknowledge your existence (the vast majority in team kits) I have decided to road bike in my t-shirts and mountain biking shorts. (The real reason may be that I don't actually fit into any of my team kits at this point)  Oh..and an Easter miracle. I would say that a good 80 to 90 % of the riders we saw said hello or on your left.. A far cry from the usual 20%/  Yes I do keep track.

I also did some running...I hate running..especially since  really need to run with a hydration pack..but at least I look good. Yep..can you say Sierra Echo Xray Yankee?

Yes..I have neglected to shave my head for a couple of weeks.

And I did make a purchase.new Hoka One One shoes.  They are about the ugliest thing I have ever seen.  I have had them out for one run and although there is a massive amount of cushion the shoes are very light and you can still feel the trail below you.  I will reserve judgment on these until I get a few more miles in. However, so far so good.  I usually can make anything look good..but these shoes..it's going to be a challenge.

Hope you are all doing well..the next blog post I am going to do a gear review on the coolest thing I have seen in years..and which I think may have saved my life..or at least my important parts. Important to me anyway.

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