Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Past the ides of March and going out like a lion..

Well I actually signed up for a  April  27 - West Side Duathlon - I will probably do the 2k-15k-5k Du as opposed to the 5k-30k-5k.  Considering I am breathing hard just bending over to tie my running shoes I think the shorter option is best (Ok..I'm lying..I haven't put on my running shoes in months).  I do have 4 weeks to train though..and miracles do happen so maybe I will switch to the longer distance.  The race is very close to my house so I can pretty much just roll out of bed and be there in 10 minutes.  I don't run fast enough to actually need to stretch and I can sleep in my shorts and shirt.  I'll probably just take my bathroom break after the run and before I get on the bike.  Yes, I tend to lose a lot of time in transition.

Ironman came out with a new transfer policy for athletes who can't do a race because of injury or "life events". Very cool..until you read the rules, regulations and fees.  Yes..more of a PR stunt. I am really beginning to despise Ironman brand races. I understand that when you are the big dog you can do as you please. I just don't think I will be feeding that dog anymore.  I wish there were more Rev 3 races this side of the Mississippi.

With that being said I think I will transfer my Ironman Boulder entry to Racine 70.3.  There are a number of reasons.

1. my shoulder still hurts from the car accident I was in during October.  It really only hurts on long swim sets and when I am in the aero position on my bike for an extended period of time..but guess Ironman requires doing long swim sets and being in the aero position for an extended period of time. 

2.  I have no desire to do IM Boulder at this point.  When I did IMWI I was so psyched..the swim .. the transition area...the bike ride..and the run through the city and campus.  Plus I was looking forward to the post race meal of  fried cheese curds, brats and mac'n'cheese pizza.  I am not a big a  fan of the city of Boulder or CU. (Too many hippies and not enough Badgers) The reservoir where the swim is going to take place is a large dirty puddle and there is rumor it may be too warm for wetsuits.  If it is too warm I am screwed because I can't legs will sink..or if I actually try to kick I will propel myself backwards. And if the race is wetsuit legal the water will still be warm enough where I will boil like the fat bratwurst I am inside the black sausage casing I call a wetsuit.  Although Boulder has some beautiful vistas and climbs the course will mostly go north and then east..away from the beautiful vistas.  I think the race organizers had a chance to make this a very tough but beautiful bike course but shied away from that due to the altitude already being a deterrent to athletes making the trek to Boulder.

Boulder Res

Lake Michigan - Racine

 3.  I think I want to be back in Wisconsin for a race where people that know me can kick my ass on the race course...and then have a beer afterward.

 4.  post race food in chili or some other crime against nature..Racine - Kringle.  Enough said.
Green Chili (WTH...chili is supposed to be red) of the gods

If it sounds like I am talking myself out of IM Boulder..I am.  I'll give myself another week to think about it..but I think the crystal cold waters of Lake Michigan are calling to me.(along with Friday night fish fry, deep dish pizza, potato pancakes, fried cheese curds)

I have been doing gear reviews here and there but today I need to talk about gear in general.  I don't usually like to call people out in public..I much prefer talking behind their backs..but I think I must....  Angela Lee!! How dare you question buying multiple expensive non interchangeable pedals and shoes for your many bikes?  I thought you were well on your way to becoming a triathlete..but apparently you have much to learn. A true triathlete knows that they must have different equipment for every and any situation that could possibly come along. (The only exception may be underwear..seems like one or two pair is pretty much all you need..especially since as a triathlete you don't wear it much)  For example...hydration packs.

Honestly..can you just have one?  Am I supposed to clean out the bladder after every use? Isn't it more fun to cycle through and try to "guess that liquid" a bladder that has been sitting for a week or three?  What if my shirt clashes with the blue pack? And what if you needed 80 ounces of water and only had the 70 ounce model? OR only needed 60 ounces of water and had the 100 ounce pack?  Wouldn't you feel silly..and more importantly..inefficient...I mean you would be carrying an extra 4 or 5 ounces of pack around for no purpose..what would that do to your time?

Or swim goggles?
Do you really expect a person to drive and then wear the same pair to swim in..that would definitely be a faux pas.  And what if it is bright out but not quite sunny..should you be forced to choose between clear or dark lenses when the amber lenses are perfect for that situation?

A true triathlete understands that there is a product made for the exact..time, location, temperature, situation and outfit that you may experience at any given moment.  And as a triathlete you should own that product and be able to use it without compromise.  You are an intelligent woman and cannot possibly be taken in by the arguments that if something fits and works that you don't need anything else.  To believe that would be to believe that all of the companies out there trying to improve your life and sport are merely just making small cosmetic tweaks to their products and running huge propaganda campaigns aimed at our vanity and willingness to spend money to try and improve our times without actually training.  As an American I just can't believe that to be true.  So please Angela...go buy another set of pedals that you can only use on Tuesdays before 5 p.m. when it is partly cloudy and above 50 degrees.  You don't want to make the rest of us look you?

Lastly, I just want to give a big shout out to a facebook group I joined.  From Fat to Finish Line. It is an open public group aimed at giving support to those who are just starting to run..or those continuing their running journey and pushing their limits. "Founded by the original members of the "From Fat to Finish Line" Ragnar team featured in the documentary of the same name, this is a support community for runners (experienced and newbie) looking to use running to lose or maintain weight." So far it has been a very supportive group and I would urge you to check it out.

And Remember...

If you want to read about my tutu reference and how a magazine can do something incredibly stupid..check this out.. Miles Muscles Mommyhood.

Happy Trails everyone!


  1. You don't have any LOOK pedals. I think you need a pair.

    1. I had LOOKs as my very first pedals about 25 years ago..Until I found it was a French company. lol. The speedplays are my go to..never had any problems with them and tons of knee and foot float..

  2. Great post... Racine does sound so much better!! :)

    1. You can come too..We would have lodging for everyone in 2015...(The best part of Racine is that it is half the distance of the Boulder race) It's usually only about 95 degrees with 90 percent humidity..perfect for us.

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