Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wow..what a week.

I received a lot of motivation last week from a number of sources.

First..I attended a hydration seminar at Kompetitive Edge on Wednesday night. The presenter was Dr. Stacy Sims..the brain behind Osmo Nutrition.  Dr. Sims was exceedingly personable and conducted her presentation in a Q&A format which was awesome since we had our specific questions answered.  A couple of the elite athletes were concerned about "hydrating too much."  Seriously? I actually just wanted to punch them in the face. Luckily I sat my big rear right in the front so she couldn't ignore me.  Obviously the question I had  was..how do I hydrate enough not to die during my next ironman attempt.  Her answer was very surprising.  Instead of telling me to take in more and more sodium during the race like I have been told by all my nutritionists she stated I was probably already taking too much in.  She suggested using a product..like hers..as the sole source of hydration during the race and not to drink regular water.  She acknowledged that I should be drinking about 48 ounces per hour but that the sodium in the drink should be enough.  The main thing is to stay away from sugars in drinks and food which hindered water absorption or increased dehydration.  According to her Sucrose, Glucose and natural sugar are the only sugars to ingest.    This cuts out most of the drinks I use because they contain maltodextrin.  She was also against the use of all gels.  She suggested on longer races to start with solid foods..something as simple as a pbj on white or clif or mojo bar and move to semi-solids such as chomps or blocks.  Even jelly beans would work in a pinch.  Another interesting tip was that she suggested taking tums tablets in t1 or t2 to help with any stomach issues.  I would suggest that anyone interested in hydration read the blog on her products page at Osmo Nutrition. Even though she is the main person behind Osmo Nutrition she did not push or even mention her product that much during the presentation.

On Thursday the fun continued...Jen Small arrived in town for the Rev 3 team summit.  She brought with her a 6 foot blonde named Elizabeth who was also on Rev 3.  Luckily I got to spend the afternoon with them taking them around Golden.

Elizabeth at a local watering hole..wearing a napkin as a mask
Apparently Jen and Elizabeth don't get out much in Maine and New Jersey since they were totally enamored by the local watering hole and somehow ended up taking the napkins from the restaurant and using them to try and rob the local convenience store.

After lunch/dinner I then took Jen to Kompetitive Edge to meet her hero Ryan.

Jen and her hero
After a lot of arm twisting it was decided that Jen and Elizabeth were going to stay at our house..They kicked my daughter out of her room and slept in the trundle bed. 

Thursday night I went to my athletes party for Kompetitive Edge. I met some of the other athletes and our sponsor reps from TYR, OAKLEY and SCOTT.  Every one I met was very nice..but definitey the crowd overall was a bit introverted.  But give me a few months and I will have everyone talking to me ..or at least talking about me.

The party was hosted by one of the athletes at his house. I noticed a ton of signed NFL jerseys in his house and a Browns jersey with his name on it.  I went up and told him how the Browns were my second favorite team after the Packers and that my favorite quarterback of all time was Bernie Kosar. I had a dog named after Bernie and still have my poster of Bernie from 1986.  He then informed me that when the Browns signed Bernie Kosar they cut him as their QB.  Umm..Oh.  Guess I should have done some research.

Friday we woke up and Jen actually got me to go to Starbucks with her..I didn't actually get anything but oatmeal but it was fun.  My daughter was in seventh heaven with the girls in the house..she had her starbucks with them in the mornings before everyone went their separate ways.

Girls having their breakfast to start the day
I obviously know Jen and what a great girl she is.  Elizabeth turned out to be just as great. My wife and her friend invited Elizabeth on their power walk and my wife kept asking her if she was doing ok on the walk...a lot of people fly in to Colroado and have trouble with the altitude and hills on the first day.  Elizabeth just smiled and said she was doing great.  The next day I informed my wife that Elizabeth was a 10 time ironman finisher and 30 time half ironman finisher...something she never shared with us. (I actually had to google her).  I did run a background check also after she stole the napkins from the restaurant but she came back clean.  Anyway..I love great athletes..who don't immediately tell you that they are great athletes..and don't take themselves too seriously.(Colorado peeps should take a lesson from this..just sayin)

Sunday we said goodbye to Elizabeth but were able to spend most of the day with Jen showing her around the town.  This was good and bad..since Jen now has pictures and notes on where she can have me work out.  She really liked red rocks for workouts as well as the trail up South Table mountain.

Jen on lookout mountain
The girls heading up to Buffalo Bill's grave
The steps at Red Rocks
Jen figuring out how many times I should run the stairs for my workouts next week
New friend Kate
We also picked up another athlete to sleep in the trundle bed.  Kate from Rev3 joined us. It turns out Kate was originally from Wisconsin..which instantly made her cool..and what was really weird is she knows my friend Keely in Maryland..what are the chances?

I had to go to work on Monday so I showed Kate and Jen where to start their climb up South Table Mountain..which they did and then were off to the airport.
Jen on South Table..notice the X on her butt..I think it is a target for kicking

Kate on South Table
I definitely had a blast and I found out that a lot of the Rev 3 people are going to be at races that I plan on doing this year..so it should be a blast.  Every Rev 3 person that I have met is completely awesome and fun.  (Did I seriously just use the word awesome?..thanks Jen)

So Monday night I get online and found out that my friend/nemesis Angela has started a blog.  Her blog Another Hole in the Head is almost as entertaining as mine.  She is also being coached by Jen and plans on doing a couple of races with me..and she thinks she is going to kick my butt.  That will not happen.  Thus, the last week has been a whirlwind of fun and information that has me psyched for the season.  But he most motivating thing that happened was when I went in for my uniform fitting this afternoon.   Kompetitive Edge decided to go with a European cut compression team kit this year..which means the XL fits you if you are 5'6' 150lbs.  I don't have any idea how many Xs are in the size of my uniform but let's just say I did not feel svelte.  In fact the word Kielbasa popped into my head when I looked in the mirror.  If the image of me in the team kit in public does not motivate me to get my butt moving nothing will.  Of course I am now thinking about going to the European restaurant tomorrow at lunch for sausage and pierogis.

Take care everyone.


  1. Ah shoot! I forgot about the altitude. You're going to kick my butt for sure. I think I'll be happy if no one has to rescue me. I'm headed to TN Thursday to check out that river. :-/

    I'm back on track next week. We should totally have Jen give us a challenge! Like OMG, that would be AWESOME!

    I see you snuck your PBJ on white bread in there. ;-)

    1. Actually a PBJ on white during a race is perfectly acceptable..and preferred..just not at any other time.

  2. thank you so much for being such an AWESOME host--The Havn Family rocks and I had a blast. Dare I say, I miss y'all already???

    You live in a beautiful spot and yes, you should be enjoying it on a daily basis. I cannot wait to write your training plan.

    Angela & Scott--challenge being thought up!

  3. Thanks for sharing about the lecture. Wish I could have been there.
    Glad you all had fun!!!
    See ya Saturday for the ride.....

  4. OMG as soon as you mentioned "a European cut compression team kit" I knew that was going to spell trouble. I automatically pictured a 145 french dude. Not cool.

    I laughed about 50 times during this write up. I'm glad the IM finisher friend was able to handle the power walk!

    1. *145 pound french dude not 145 french dudes - which would just be too many skinny french athletic dudes.