Thursday, December 20, 2012

Badger state bound.

I am preparing to leave for Wisconsin to be with my family for the holidays.  The last two weeks have been "challenging" to say the least.  The "Gout" reared its ugly head again first on one foot then the other and I think I am finally close to getting rid of all of the effects.  However, I was pretty much crippled for two and a half weeks.  And I was hit with the flu/head cold from hell that put me in bed for the better of four days..I think I am finally getting over that sickness also.  Just in time to get on a plane with no ventilation and I am guessing 100 other unhealthy people.

The good news is I have lost 8 pounds.  Some of this I will attribute to the sickness but most to the change in diet I have done the last week.  No soda (diet or regular), no red meat, no candy or sweets and nothing with high fructose corn syrup.  I have been basically eating chicken, vegetables, some fish and a whole lot of smoothies.  Especially smoothies laden with cherries and berries as well as yogurt, whey protein, milk or orange juice.  Why the dramatic shift in nutrition? Because the last bit of gout scared the heck out of me.  I do not want be crippled by these attacks every few months.  Further I definitely do not want any permanent damage or have to be on a pill for the rest of my life.

And the natural "cures" are pretty bad.  The first is drinking a ton of cherry juice.  Not bad..until you find out how much cherry juice cost..$9.00 for 32 ounces!! WTH!!  Well what are the cheaper favorite so far is drinking a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda four times a day..yeah..the base properties of the baking soda actually reduce the acidity of the blood. is also like eating pure salt as far as sodium content.  And then there is....drinking apple cider vinegar. Yes it is as yummy as it sounds. 

Thus with the options open to me I have chosen the  "eat clean method".  Amazingly I am feeling good and do not feel hungry at all. Unfortunately it is no just diet but hydration, genetics and other factors that affect I will just do my best and hope for the best.

Now the test is..Wisconsin..and all its fabulous cheese, fried fish, casseroles, sausages, gnocchi, potato pancakes, kringles, Christmas goodies, cheap food and drinks..etc..etc...etc..   The deal I made with the coach is I get two free days in Wisconsin as far as eating...Since I will be gone for over a week that seemed like a fair deal.  The object is to come back to Colorado in no worse shape then when I left it.  Impossible you say?  Based on past performance I would agree..but I am actually going to pack my blender..yep smoothies for everyone.

And obviously everyone was extremely concerned as was I..when Brett Beielma left Wisconsin for Arkansas.  A move I am sure he will regret within the next two years.  Luckily the Emperor himself put everyone's fear and trepidation aside and  declared that he would come down from the Ivory towers and lead the Badgers to Rose Bowl Glory yet again..   Against the hated Stanford Cardinal..  I hate Stanford..their mascot is a freaking tree.

This is going to be my new motto for 2013

Not only has the Emperor promised a resounding win in the Rose Bowl but has hired the Coach to take the Badgers into the next decade of greatness...Gary Andersen

Yeah..I'm a little concerned too after watching that video. At least he spells his last name correctly with an "e".  Who is the Clay Matthews wannabe at :24?  his son?..if it is he needs to know that the flat bill clap may fly in Utah..(and at Kompetitieve Edge with Ryan)..but not with Badgers.  Do you think they had to borrow a suit for him? How about the tie?  There are 50 shops within two blocks of Camp Randall selling the correct Badger Red..where did he find that tie? Are there badgers on it? Did he get it on a street corner? It almost looked like the freakin red from the Stanford Cardinal..I HATE Stanford..their mascot is a freakin tree!

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!  I'll check in from the 262..


  1. Have a Merry Christmas - sorry to hear about the illness and gout but seems like you're doing really great with the nutrition.

  2. Thanks Jen!! Hope you have a Great Christmas also...don't worry ..I'm on the right track..the setbacks were just God telling me to get my crap together.

  3. Oh Scott. How long have I been telling you to eat clean?? Not only will it help you reach your goals, it should send that pesky gout packing for good!
    Enjoy your time in the 262 and please stick to our plan :)

    Lots of love to you and your family from mine. Be good and be safe