Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Goals Change

Hello again! I know a lot of you were wondering if I was still alive..ok probably nobody was wondering that. But you were probably wondering where I have been.  I have been living life with its ups and downs and feeling motivated at times and then not.  Honestly this year is a lot different than last year's training. I was not enjoying the training at all this year.  I can't tell you why because I honestly do not know.  However, I spoke with my coach a few weeks ago and we decided to change up my schedule.  The biggest thing was to take Ironman Wisconsin off the race list.  The race was looming before me and I just did not have the motivation to do it.  I was already dreading the 5 and 6 hour bike rides on the weekends. I think part of the issue is that with my wife's new job I do not see her and Laila as much.  Thus the weekend time became a little more precious.  Thus, I have limited my long race this year to a half iron distance.  And we decided that the race would be a vacation destination.  Therefore..with a little encouragement from my friend Jen (milesmusclesmommyhood), we picked Rev 3 - Maine as my "A" race in August.  I am now actually motivated again for a number of reasons which I will share in later posts.  Suffice it to say I think I have reached a happy balance again with training and real life.


  1. so awesome.
    you will have a blast here!!
    and you will enjoy me blowing past you on my beautiful pink QR.


  2. Hi Scott,
    You might not remember me but we exchanged e-mails on BT and through regular e-mail late last year when I contacted you about IMWI. I also live in Colorado. Anyway, I am heading out to Wisconsin on Friday to volunteer and then sign up and I wanted to look you up since the last time we communicated, you were doing the race. I see things changed and I am glad you got some races in at the end of the season.
    Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello and thank you again for giving me some insight to IMWI last year.