Sunday, April 1, 2012

How my new triathlon toys are fairing.

Hello all of you out there in cyberspace!  I hope the last two months have been good to you.  Ironman Wisconsin is slowly creeping up on me..and I am slowly getting back into shape.  March was a terrible month of training..or should I say - not training.  I kept coming down with one cold after another which kept me from getting any sort of consistency going.  There were about three weeks where I was lucky to get in any decent workouts.  For example, I did a very slow 5 mile run and my heart rate was at 154 bpm doing a 14:00 pace...yeah that sucked.  I would check my resting heart rate and it would be 65 bpm.. I am normally in the low 50s or high 40s. Talk about depressing.  However, the calendar has changed and the so has the weather. My heart rate is pretty much back where it should be and I am looking forward to getting in some great outdoor workouts...unfortunately the change in weather also means higher temps and dealing with my little hydration issues.

So where am I in my training?  I am ahead of myself in all categories compared with this time last year.  Not any faster..but in better shape then I was at this time last year.  With that being said I am still way behind where I want to be.  The weight is still an issue.  I have been stressing out for the last month over work, family, being sick etc... And I ended up eating my comfort foods.  Needless to say I am at 230 again.  Obviously the sooner this number comes down the better. I really notice the weight when I run.  I went for a 9 mile run yesterday and although my heart rate was fine for the very slow pace I was going, I could feel the fatigue in the muscles.I am going to pay more attention to calories in vs. calories out his month.

I have gotten some new toys this year and have finally gotten a chance to try them out. My favorite out of all of them is the Nathan Endurance Hydration pack.  I love this thing.

 For running it sits higher on my back and does not jostle around like my camelbak. (Although for mountain biking there is nothing like my 3 liter camelbak that I can pack a sherpa in)  It has just enough room for everything  need.  Some gels, keys, mp3 player...etc.  I was concerned about it fitting me since it is made for ultra runners - but it fits really good..Not Great since I pretty much have every strap at its limit...but really good.  I would recommend this for anyone doing long runs and in need of hydration.  The 2 liters is enough for me on a 2 hour plus run.  I even used it today on a short bike ride.  The only thing I do not care for is the placement of the bite valve when not in use. I like the camelbak where it is on the shoulder and not across the chest.  However this is a very small issue.

I also got my Garmin 910xt..which I thought I would love but I have found some frustrating issues.  First the thing I love most is that it will count my laps in the well as give a good indication of stroke count etc..  I don't lose track of the laps..I don't have to remember to hit a lap button every is awesome in the pool.  Now the things I do not like.  1. It seems to take longer to find satellites then my old 305.  2.  I think it may be too accurate at times.. What I mean by this is that I will look at it for my pace while I am running and it will jump all over the place in a matter of 5 seconds..14:32..10:12..12:34.. I am not really getting a good "pace" while I am looking at it.  The 305 on the other hand seems to kind of just give me my round about pace number..which is what I am looking for.  Now when I get home and load the data on the computer both of the units are very accurate. Lastly..I think the damn thing has too many functions..I guess they are great if you know how to use them..but I think I will need to take a class.

I switched back to my Newton running shoes as well as got my wife a pair.   They are pricy little devils but they are also keeping my knees in good shape.  I am hoping that they will provide the same miracle for my wife's back.  I have about 150 miles on the new pair and they just feel good.  The only problem I have had is when I run on terrain that is not very level.  Then there are times that they just don't feel right.  I have attached a video below which describes the Newtons.  At first I thought it was a lot of bunk. However, the fact that I am an overweight runner doing ten mile runs on a knee with a hunk of bone and cartilage missing makes me a believer in their methods if not their shoe. last shout out to my friends and compatriots who are keeping me motivated. My Coach Sonja Wieck took 3rd in her division at the Ironman 70.3 Texas today. My fellow Go Sonja athlete Audra also took 3rd in her division at Ironman 70.3 Texas qualifying for the 70.3 world championships.

Take care everyone. 

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  1. Keep it going!! And keep on training...You'll kill it this time!