Friday, June 24, 2011

Really - I haven't blogged in 3 months - must have been training

It is true..I have not blogged in three is... but I promise to make up for it in a flurry of new posts.  What have I been doing?  I have either been training, thinking about training or thinking there is no way I should be doing this. Some bad things have happened since my last post and some good.

THE BAD that has happened.  I became really frustrated with my fitness level and the progress I was making.  I really do not think that this triathlon stuff is made for larger guys..ok...even normal size guys. It is very frustrating training next to guys that weigh 80 lbs lighter than me.  Should I get some sort of headstart?  I have also found that training for the longer distances is very time consuming (DUH!) With work and family life I find that the training is really cutting into my T.V. time.  The other really frustrating thing is that everyone I meet seems to be in better shape than me..WTF?  Am I just starting to hang out with more athletic people or maybe its being in Colorado.  I think I should be training in Kentucky..that way I would definitely feel better about myself.  Another "bad" knee issues are resurfacing due to the running.  The pain had pretty much disappeared when I changed my running it is back.

THE GOOD -  I am finally losing weight. I am down about 30 lbs since January. I am still at 215 and would love to be below 200 just because of the improvement I am seeing as the weight comes off.  My running is improving..not good but improving.  My swimming has just recently improved. I was swimming at 2:35 per 100 yards and have gotten it down to close to 2:00 per 100 yards.  I will write more about that later.  I think I am actually becoming a triathlete. I have started to eat things like cliff shot blocks, Endurox R4 and Accelerade as opposed to chips and fried cheese.  I am also starting to look like a triathlete. (Ok not really..I am far from being anorexic)  When I go out running I have to have a garmin, fuel belt, ipod and hat and sunglasses..and biking wise I can actually fit into some of my cycling jerseys.  And I almost forgot - I took 3rd place in the fat guy category in a duathlon I did in May.  Not real impressive but it was an ego boost.  I have my first big test with my Half Ironman in Racine in a little over three weeks.  If the knee holds up then I should be good to go for the biggie in Madison in September.  I just have to remember 16:59:59 is fine.

I will be back soon with updates on my TI class, my new wetsuit with pics!!, tips on what to do when you get the runner's trots and an extended essay comparing Accelerade to Gatorade and whether GU really is as disgusting as you think.  By the way for anyone who is thinking about getting a Garmin 405 - don't - stick with the tried and true is a lot less money and I find it to be much more useful and user friendly.

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