Monday, March 14, 2011

Six Months To Go

The winter months have flown by and the training is getting more consistent.  This week I am doing fitness tests in all three disciplines to see where I am at.  Today it was swimming.  Let's just say I need a lot more pool time and more work on form.  The running is coming along slowly but it is coming along.  Running a slow pace in December my heart rate was at about 156.  Today I can run a faster slow pace and my heart rate is about 140.  The bike is also coming along quite nicely.  I did a 32 mile ride yesterday and averaged about 16 mph for the ride which included a pretty good headwind.  I was pretty happy.

 I have also spent a little bit of money on gear. I got a new pair of running shoes the Brooks Ghost 3 which I love.  I still have not had any knee pain since changing running styles about 6 months ago.  I also had a bike fit at Giant Cycling World in Lttleton,  They spent a lot of time with me and adjusted my cleats and handlebars and put a shorter stem on the bike. Plus they were extremely reasonable. 

The only thing I am not happy with progress wise is my weight.  I am down 12 lbs from the beginning of the year but need to lose quite a bit more.  It is all portion control. By April 1 I would like to be down another 10 lbs.  This is a pretty hefty goal but one I think I can make if I stick to the diet.

Work and family health issues have definitely taken the focus off of training the last two months.  However, I have found the training to be a good stress reliever and one that I need to fit into my schedule.  I find that I am looking forward to running.  I didn't ever think I would say that.  Also, the more I am outside the more I appreciate the state that I am living in and want to be outdoors.  We went on a family hike on Sunday and I was reminded of all of the great places to run, hike and bike just minutes from my house.

There is no excuse for not enjoying the outdoors.  Well this week should be fun.  I have 5k field test tomorrow and bike field test on Thursday to look forward to. I also plan on solidifying a race schedule this week as well as booking my hotel room in Madison. 

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  1. Yeah! The swim, run bike test!!!!
    I'm so glad you're in the swing of things!
    Missed your blog posts...glad your back at it!
    Want to meet for some 5:15am swim sessions? :-)