Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Yes..I have decided to start the New Year as of today.  Why not?  I can't wait to get rid of 2013 so might as well do it a few months early.  And what better day then my birthday!!  Another year older but none the wiser.  And all you federal employees can thank me now for the government giving you the day off to help me celebrate. We will just refer to anything after October 1 as 2014 FB.

The last straw for ending 2013 early was when I went to pay for lunch last week and the bill showed a senior discount for me.  Ok..I know I look older when I wear my glasses and let my hair grow..but seriously?  So one of my resolutions is to not let my hair grow out more than three days without shaving it. And you know you are getting old when you can no longer play video games...not because I don't understand them..but I am physically unable to play.  For some reason I decided to play HALO this weekend. I haven't played in over a year.  First of all I had to change out of my contacts into my glasses so I could see.  Then my wrist and thumb started to hurt.  I finally had to quit when I got violently ill from the movement in the game..yep..after ten minutes I was in the bathroom with my head in the toilet.  Which brings me to my second resolution for the year...Spend less time on the bathroom floor.  I was also concerned the other night when I got out of bed to get a drink of water and saw a picture of my grandfather hanging on the wall..I was wondering where my wife even found it when I realized it was a mirror...WTH!  Resolution 3..get rid of the mirrors in the house.  OK..I'm just kidding about this..I still have a great looking butt..I'd never get rid of the mirrors.  Maybe I will just lower them a bit.

So as of today everything starts fresh and anew.  Ms. Jen Small has sent me my first off-season training plan. Talk about baby steps.  Day 1..Try to find some shorts and a tri top that still fit you and put them on.  (This was actually harder than I thought)..but I suppose I better get going if I want to complete Ironman Boulder in August of 2014.  (Apparently Ms. Small does not believe in cramming for races...she wants me training more than 3 months beforehand...hell cramming got me through college and law school).  Yesterday was my first run in a long time...the pic below pretty much sums it up.

I took more time finding my running shoes and figuring out which shorts I looked best in (Obviously I still need mirrors) than my entire run took. But hey..one day of training in the books. So I came home and decided to write down all of the aches and pains I had from the strenuous workout..let's see..both feet hurt..possibly gout or dehydration related..knee hurt a bit..probably because I have lost all of the muscle mass in my bad quad by not lifting weights. (I'm pretty sure the knee issue has no connection at all to the amount of weight they are supporting).  I also had a dent on the top of my head...I finally figured out I had rested my sunglasses on the top of my head and the nose piece had made an indentation in my forehead.  If you have a fat forehead..you might be a little overweight.  I did some calculations and based on the aches, pains, memory loss, clogged arteries, grey hair, my weight, and newly established habit of wagging my finger and yelling..You Damn kids!! at 30 year olds... I figured I'm probably closer to 60 than my chronological age of 46,  I was pretty depressed..until I realized that I forgot to factor in the multiplier for my family genetics...46 in chronological years is like 70 in my family years..so I am doing pretty good at actually looking and feeling like I am 60.  Woo hoo!

So in honor of my birthday and starting the New Year on October 1,  Kompetitive Edge has rolled out it's Athlete applications for next year.  They are doing some new programs with a couple of tiers of sponsorship.  I would recommend that if you have any interest at all to fill out the simple application and send it in.  Here is the link:   Kompetitive Edge Application  .  KE actually made a position just for me next year. I was going to be the official taste tester of all of the new nutrition products. However, when they found out that I hate anything even related to coffee I was told I couldn't have the job. Apparently triathletes in general love mocha this and coffee that I and I just couldn't relate.

Next post will be my 2014 race schedule, complete list of resolutions and my starting point for the year 2014 FB. Oh..I can't wait.  Happy Trails!


  1. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Scott!

    I'll take the coffee tasting job off your hands.:-)

  2. Happy Birthday - here is to a great year ahead.

    BTW, my husband was cracking up as I read him the video game part! :)

    1. The worst part is I started getting sick after 5 minutes but somehow thought it was wise to continue until I was nauseous.

  3. Happy birthday! Here is to an amazing 2014 for you!!!!