Sunday, September 20, 2015

Injuries...bad luck...I need a dog.

So I was going to write about my injuries and how they tend to keep me from training. Nothing too serious. A concussion in the swim here..a  separated shoulder on the mountain bike there..and walking into a tree limb causing more trauma to an already screwed up brain.

In fact, I was able to tweak my ankle last week playing basketball. Well not really playing. It was more two out of shape guys trying to come within 2 feet of the rim with the basketball. I was relying on my set shot and hook since the chance of me actually getting off the ground for a jump shot was nil.  However, something happened yesterday which takes precedence

I was cleaning my truck out. Something I do on an annual basis whether I need to or not.  Since I take my daughter to school in it everyday and she tends to finish breakfast in the back seat there tend to be some food leftovers in the vehiicle. Ok,,I may also eat in the truck from time to time and may also drop french fries, Dots, sour patch kids, get the point..don't judge.. 

The vehicle also doubles as my home away from it is loaded with clothes, gym bags, unmentionables...   I opened the back passenger door up and was shuttling things into the house. Obviously I left the door open since why would you close it every time.  And since it was college football Saturday I had to stop and watch five to ten minutes of football each time I took a load in. 

On one of the trips may have been 15 minutes in between loads...I open the door to my abode take two steps toward my truck and am looking at a furry vermin in the back seat eating some left over french toast sticks.  (I do not know for a fact if he was eating french toast sticks..but it was definitely an option for him.)

Knowing that Squirrels are one of nature's most vicious creatures..especially when confronted after a diet of dots and french toast sticks. (he may have had some Dots also) I immediately turned around and grabbed a lacrosse stick that was sitting in the hallway. (Doesn't everyone have lacrosse sticks sitting in their hallways.)  Being the analytical guy I am..I figured if I opened the door opposite the one that the squirrel got into..I could wave the lacrosse stick at him and he would vacate the vehicle by the door from whence he came.   So I opened the door and pushed the lacrosse stick at the little bastard.  He scurried a little bit and then just as I envisioned..he jumped out of the truck onto the gravel..and through the open door into my house.

What ensued next was about five minutes of me chasing the damn squirrel from room to room.  Luckily my new abode has an outside entrance in almost every room. (This is great for trying to get vermin out..but will be hell if I ever have to fend off an assault on the premises) I opened every door..and finally..after being taunted by the squirrel..He exited out the side door.

Now...The first thought that came to my mind..(after..I wonder if I have to fumigate the place) was..if I had a dog this would never have happened. The dog would have chased the squirrel out..or kept him from intruding in the first place.

I told this story to two of my friends later in the day. Both of the female persuasion. Somehow neither one of them  came to the same conclusion I did.  In fact there was talk of..possibly shutting the door when I formulated my plan..or even just completing my task instead of catching up on football in between trips out. Oh.. maybe your car should be cleaner. I think most guys will agree I need a dog.

I had previously mentioned to my daughter that I was thinking about getting a dog.  (What 7 year old is not going to back me up on such a plan?)  Her response will be the world's hungriest dog. (Apparently she did not believe I was capable of feeding the dog) I 'm going to blame her gender for her attention to detail and missing out on the big picture of cool would it be to have a dog.

Anyway..jacked up my achilles...feeling pretty good now though. Will try to start an actual training schedule tomorrow.  Badgers won..Packers play tonight.   I didn't get my dog.  Oh..signed up for a race in October. jsut a 10k..but I haven't actually competed in anything since last December..(I'm not counting the Spartan race)

Hope everyone had a good..relatively vermin free weekend.

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